craps-boyBecause of the hugely varied betting options you have, craps is not actually the kind of game that you would call simple, a fact that intimidates and confuses many casual players. Nonetheless, if you ask me, there is not a single casino game with the same potential of combining tension, excitement, luck, skills, risk and outstanding results out there.

I remember one time, on the occasion of a wsop satellite tournament participation in Las Vegas, when my wife and I were making our way to our favorite restaurant in the Venetian, when we were attracted by a rather strange event in the craps room. While the table was literarily crowded with people, only a young man was betting. What was shocking is that the guy was playing poorly and lost $50,000 in just five throws. Yet, he never gave up and even reached for a chip of $250,000 and continued to play without actually making any "right" bet or getting angry about it. There is simply not a better example I could think of to show you what the game of craps stands for.

Top 3 tips for craps beginners

I would like to tell you that the game's major drawback comprises of the fact that regardless of your skills, you will also need some luck. Nevertheless, with practice and experience, you will be able to win at craps. In addition, I believe that the following tips will also prove useful:

1. When you place a bet, make sure that you account for an expected return

What this means is that you should stay clear of making Pass bets and preferably opt for the Pass Line Bets. In addition, it is a good idea to regularly place your bet on a number between 6 and 8 and try to place the maximum acceptable Odds bet possible.

2. Establish a budget for a craps session and stick with it

Since luck is involved in the game, it is best to refrain from thinking you will end in the money at the table, regardless of the losing streak you're in. Place your bets smart and if you happen to win, think of it as a bonus to the fun.

3. Disregard the other player's tips and advice when playing

Because you have no guarantee that the player suggesting you to place a certain bet has an advanced knowhow of craps, you should not really trust or follow throw their suggestions. In addition, remember that each player can choose his own method of placing the same bet.


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